Clinically Certified Iridologists

We have been offering Professional Iridologist services since 1994 based on the Iridology Standards of ethical practice & assessment accuracy pioneered by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Our ongoing goal is to help clients understand what's happening in their body, and specifically what they can do about it naturally!

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Experienced Iridology Assessments

Iridologists Diane McLaren, Mary McIntyre and Katie Pangborn offer in-depth Iridology Assessments and personalized solutions based on an unequaled 45+ years of combined practice experience.

The iris is an extension of the brain which connects to organs & tissues by way of the nervous system. Through this complex communications network, over time the iris develops unique identifiable markings that relate to the body's condition(s). Our Iridologists use this standardized mapping to assess relative states of health & balance.

We want each client to experience remarkable results quickly, so from the initial appointment we design the right personalized program that integrates a comprehensive non-invasive holistic analysis of body function, lifestyle, nutrition and health history.

About Iridology Appointments

Comprehensive Iridology Appointments
The Right Personalized Program

Initial Appointment

Your iridology appointment will begin with a non-invasive, comprehensive in-depth root-cause assessment and detailed analysis.

Assessment Findings

You will receive a full explanation of findings, we'll take the time to clarify your understanding and we always want to have an open discussion.

Personalized Program

Based on our detailed discussion, you will get the right program based on our findings precisely aligned with your specific concerns and goals.

Passionate Support

The wellness team at HYN is focused on helping you experience remarkable results naturally and that includes the knowledge to enjoy lasting results!


Our Iridologists

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Before considering an appointment, give us a call and we'll take the time to explain our services, what you can expect, and answer your questions.


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