Clinically Certified Iridology SERVICES

Since 1994, Diane McLaren's Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centre has offered result focused services based on strict standards, ethical best practices & root-cause assessment accuracy.  Helping people understand what's happening in their body and getting the right personalized program to help them experience measurable results naturally has helped thousands!

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Using Iridology To Get Results Naturally

As a Clinically Certified Iridologist, clinic owner Diane McLaren and her team offer in-depth root-cause assessments to ensure only the right personalized program is recommended.  Since 1994, we have grown to be Ontario's premier Iridology focused service with 25+ years in practice.

We want everyone to experience remarkable results quickly, so within the initial 90 minute appointment, clients always recieve the right personalized programs by way of a holistic in-depth iridology analysis and assessment of related body function, lifestyle, nutrition and health history.

About Iridology Appointments

The Initial Comprehensive Iridology Appointment
To Design The Right Personalized Program

Initial Iridology Analysis

The appointment begins with a non-invasive, comprehensive in-depth root-cause assessment.

Assessment Results

We then take the time to have a discussion, explain the finding and focus on answering any questions.

Personalized Program

When recommending the right program, we explain why, and review what results can be expected.

Passionate Support

We are focused on helping people experience remarkable long-term measurable results!


Our Iridologist

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